The more you move,
the more you save

Electric scooters


Travelling is now
incredibly easy

Electric bikes


The wonder of nature
in your home

Aquariums, terrariums and ponds


To comply your daily

Household appliance components

Askoll Mobility

Moving with

a Smile!

High energy efficiency, very low consumption and less raw materials used: these are the improvements made to the 1978 electric motors produced by Askoll,
a company with over 800 patents regarding this component and its applications.
Askoll history is a path of breakthrough innovation.
3 different business, the same focus.

I Am Electric
A new challenge

Sustainable urban mobility: this is what Askoll aims to offer the users of its vehicles. Low energy consumption, big savings and guaranteed range, as well as more breathable air. What more could a traveller ask for? Have you ever thought of leaving the car in the garage? Explore the city with more intelligent vehicles. Choosing how to move around means choosing how to live.

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Did you know that 50% of journeys in urban centers is less than 5 km: what sense does it move with the station wagon or SUV?


Bikes and Scooters make us get faster to your destination!


The strength of Askoll products that arise around the electric motor, it's our specialty!


The Askoll vehicles bring benefits to the whole community: eliminate harmful emissions of exhaust gases and the noises of the traditional engines!